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About Us


              Welcome to Peek-A-Boo Kids Family Childcare. My name is Michelle Belmont-Archambault. My husband and myself opened Peek-A-Boo Kids in 2008 so that we could stay home with our children more, We have four children, Jeremy (2002), Emily (2002), Katelyn (2007) and Mia (2010).


            I have been working in childcare field since 1998, working in childcare centers, baby sitting and being a personal nanny. I can honestly say that being a mother and a childcare provider is the most difficult, challenging and rewarding job that I’ve ever had.


            I Say rewarding because of the warm-hearted smiles that children give, and adorable and amazing things that they say, and the big hugs that you get from them. I also enjoy watching them interact with each other or even playing by themselves. I love watching the expressions on their faces and the gestures that they make.

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